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Successful Aging

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As the Baby Boomer cohort moves from middle to later adulthood, it is likely this generation will redefine what it means to age. Growing older will no longer be synonymous with loss and decline. In fact, it is true that the majority of older adults today live fulfilling lives. This special issue discusses ways in which older adults can age successfully-that is-how individuals can maintain their physical and cognitive health, as well as maintain a healthy engagement with life. Also addressed are the universal challenges faced by older adults in their pursuit to age successfully. The objective of this collection is to serve as a stimulus to future research on aging and change in the later years of life. It presents an outstanding array of articles that cover a range of central issues in this area of study. Each author provides a unique insight into the mystery and challenge that awaits us all: the ability to age successfully.

Ebersole & Hess' Gerontological Nursing & Healthy Aging

RRP $244.99

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Ebersole & Hess' Gerontological Nursing and Healthy Aging is the only gerontological nursing text that follows a wellness-based, holistic approach to older adult care. Designed to facilitate healthy aging regardless of the situation or disease process, this text goes beyond simply tracking recommended treatments to address complications, alleviate discomfort, and help older adults lead healthy lives. Featuring evidence-based practice boxes, safety alerts, expanded tables, and careful attention to age, gender, and cultural differences, Ebersole & Hess' Gerontological Nursing and Healthy Aging is the most complete text on the market.

  • Focus on health and wellness helps you gain an understanding of the patient's experience.
  • AACN and the Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing core competencies integrated throughout.
  • Consistent chapter organization and pedagogy, including Learning Objectives, Glossary, andResearch and Study Questions/Activities.
  • Evidence-Based Practice boxes summarize research findings that confirm effective practices or identify practices with unknown, ineffective, or harmful effects.
  • Careful attention to age, cultural, and gender differences helps you understand these important considerations in caring for older adults
  • Expanded tables, boxes, and forms, including the latest scales and guidelines for proper health assessment make information easy to find and use.
  • Activities and discussion questions at the end of every chapter equip you with the information you need to assess the patient.

  • UPDATED! Healthy People 2020 boxes integrate information about healthy aging.
  • NEW! Safety Alerts highlight safe practices and quality of care QSEN competencies.
  • NEW! Chapter on Neurologic Compromise expands content on stroke and Parkinson's disease.

Managing Stress At Work In A Week

RRP $19.99

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Managing stress just got easier

This book is written for managers as a simple, practical guide to the principles and techniques for managing stress at work. It looks at stress from an organizational perspective as well as highlighting practical steps individual managers can take to enable them to gain competitive advantage through effective management of their most valuable asset - their people. Even if you have no direct line-management responsibilities now, you can use what you have learnt to influence decision-makers,

perhaps even your own line manager, to better manage stress in the workplace.

This book will help you understand what stress is, why we get stressed and some of its physiological and psychological symptoms. You will learn about some of the background research into the psychology of stress and consider a variety of theories and models. More importantly, with this simple guidance, practical techniques and some relevant examples you will be able to create a challenging and supportive environment where people know what is expected, work hard, avoid burnout and make a real impact in your organization.

As well as managing the stress of others at work, you will also find some useful tips and suggestions that you can adopt to take personal charge of your own stress levels, allowing you to relax, keep healthy and stay on top.

Each of the seven chapters in Managing Stress In A Week covers a different aspect of stress:

- Sunday: What is stress?

- Monday: Understanding stress - some basic psychological and physiological aspects

- Tuesday: Job roles, responsibility and level of control

- Wednesday: Workload, work pressure and work environment

- Thursday: Behaviours, conflict and support

- Friday: Change management

- Saturday: Personal responsibility and actions

About the Author

Stephen Evans-Howe is a senior manager at a FTSE-250 company. He is an expert in organizational issues around stress, and has helped hundreds of employees and colleagues to reduce their stress, or to be effective in spite of stress.

Naturally Healthy And Happy

RRP $18.99

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This book Chronicles my continuing journey as a holistic health practitioner and personal trainer with myself and with my clients to greater holistic health and fitness. If you want to get healthy and fit naturally and take control of your own life and health, then this is the book for you! I detail my mistakes and my successes as well as some hilarious side stories of my journey so far. This book covers dairy and gluten sensitivity, tried and true workout and nutrition information as well as meditation and stress-management techniques.

How To Get Prepared For Managing A Remote Team

RRP $12.99

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The main focus of this eBook is "How to get prepared for managing a remote team." Typical questions that come up while preparing are: Which country shall we outsource our work to?; What project shall we choose to start with?; Which company suits our needs best?; Shall we set up our own captive center or outsource to a partner?; Are we organized well enough to start offshoring work? Most people tend to focus a lot on these 'initiation' questions at the expense of wondering 'how to organize'. Preparation is seen as selecting the right country and partner and then 'just get going'. Many problems can be prevented by investing time in the right organization before the 'real work' starts. In this eBook, we try to provide advice on both perspectives, based on experiences from several experts around the globe. The first chapter is written by Hugo Messer, he describes how to get started. The main questions he answered in this chapter are related to 'initiation' and the questions above. Hugo has gained substantial experience in setting up and managing remote teams, with suppliers, freelancers and own offices. Then, Patrick van Dun, an experienced 'offshore founder', provides guidelines on the choice of setting up your own remote office versus engaging a partner. Zhenya Rozinskiy discusses his best practices for getting the right people on your team. Zhenya has set up several teams around the world. Amanda Crouch from the UK has over 20 years of experience as a management consultant and researcher. She looks at stimulating collaboration at the company and individual level. Ove Holmberg, an IT project manager and agile coach from Sweden, describes his concept of the virtual teamroom. Andreas Brilling from Germany works as engagement manager for CapGemini and has led a large offshoring initiative from Australia. In the final chapter Hugo shares his personal story of how he got started with setting up his own offices in India and Ukraine. This is the second eBook in a series of eBooks that will be published within a couple of month's interval and later on into one printed book. These eBooks are being written through a crowdwriting project and the authors are experts from all over the world.


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